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Nest Learning Thermostat

Available in Polished Steel, Mirror Black, Brass, Stainless Steel, White, Black, and Copper

  • Auto-Schedule the Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself in about a week. It creates a personalized schedule based on the temperature changes you've made and continally adapts to your changing life
  • ECO after you've left the house the Nest Learning Thermostat senses you've gone by using it's own sensors and your smartphones location then automatically adjusts the temperature to advoid heating or cooling an empty home.
  • Sunblock if the Nest Learning Thermostat heats up in direct sunlight, it automatically adjust to read and sets the right temperature.
  • The Nest Leaf appears when you turn the Nest Learning Thermostat to a temperature that's energy efficient. It guides you in the right direction.
  • Time to Temp the Nest Leaning Thermostrat learns how long it takes your home to heat up or cool down, so it will show you how long it will take to reach your target temperature.
  • Airwave learns exactly how much cooling can be done with the compressor off. It automatically shuts off your compressor at the right time to help maximize your savings.Your Nest thermostat automatically turns on Airwave when interior humidity falls below a certain level. This level is calculated by Nest to be optimal for your home.
  • Cool to Dry If you've in a hot, humid climate, Cool to Dry can help keep your home dry, without needing a dehumidifier.
  • Available Nest Temperature Sensors Helps make sure a certain room is the exact temperature you want it to be. Put the temperature sensors in different rooms and choose which room you want to prioritize. Uses Bluetooth Low Energy. Up to 6 sensors per Nest Thermostat and 18 per home