Comprehensive System Maintenance For Your AC Unit

Periodic system maintenance is very important in keeping  your central heating and cooling system operating at it's most efficient level.  We recommend that this service be performed on a semi-annual basis. This is also the recommendation from Florida Power and Light Company and all the manufacturers of this equipment.  Listed below is a basic list of what our technicians check, clean and adjust.

Outside Compressor Unit

  • Clean the condenser coil and cabinet ( removing any debris )
  • Check the refrigerant levels at start up and also running
  • Inspect all wiring and connections for any corrosion or rust.
  • Check and lubricate the condenser fan motor ( If possible )
  • Check the amount of amps the compressor is using at start up and running
  • Test the capacitor and inspect switches and relays

Inside Air Handler Unit

  • Check air handler coil for surface mold or mildew and and clean if necessary
  • Check all relays, wiring and switches
  • Test Blower motor to make sure the amperes it's using is within specs
  • Check and Calibrate Thermostat if necessary
  • Clean Drain Pan and Drain and Treat for algae

Preventative Maintenance extends the life or your system and saves you on energy costs.

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