Your HVAC system requires filtered air to help keep it running for years to come which should be changed on a regular bases.

A clogged filter can cause your HVAC system to:

  • Freeze up causing water damage to the HVAC system it's self or damage to your home
  • Higher electric bills
  • Run harder putting stress on the blower motor which can cause it to burn up

We understand that sometimes it's difficult to reach your filter on your own, so as a part of our visit to your home we will change it out for you.

There are limitations that may prevent us from changing your filter during your next visit:

  • If you are a new customer we must know the size of your filter
  • If it's a custom size or custom filter we will need time to have it specially ordered  
  • If the time of your visit is an emergency the technician may not be able to pick it up
  • The filter may not be in stock

MERV Ratings

First what does MERV stand for? MERV is an acronym that means Minimum Efficiency Rating Value. You may be asking what does that have to do with my filter? Well these ratings are used to measure how efficient an air filter is at removing particles from your home the higher the number the better the filter the lower the number the worse the filter.

MERV ratings go from 1-20, we recommed a filter with a rating between 5-8. Now you may be asking why wouldn't I go with a filter that has a rating of 20. Well the problem with higher rating MERV filters is that they put stress on the system, this is caused by how tight the pores are on the filter. The higher the rating the tighter the pores. The stress on the system can cause your HVAC system to wear prematurely or even breakdown. 

How often should I change my filter?

Most throw away filters are only good for 30days, others may range from 90 days - 6 months. This all depends on the type of filter you buy and the type of return system your HVAC system may have.


Are there UV systems for my filter?

Yes there are. We recommend Fresh-aire UV Purity. We can install these in almost any split HVAC system the biggest limitation is space.

Click the link to find out more: Fresh-aire UV Purity



Coming Soon you'll be able to order your filters right from our website. Check back perodically.